Hello my beautiful community

My first FREE live online event of the year is coming up this

Monday 25th March @7pm NZST 

We are in Eclipse Season and in particular this full moon eclipse is falling in the sign of Libra

This is somewhat a rare pairing & I felt the call from spirit to jump on and take you all into sacred space to help with enhancing our connection available to the subtle realms during this time & soothing the effects of all that tends to rise to the surface in our lives during this powerhouse eclipse 

Eclipses are known for change, shaking things up, revealing deeper truths that may have been previously hidden in the shadows of your subconscious or an overflowing rise in emotions that can't be held down all this paired with the energy of Libra who is all about truth, balance and justice there will be no un-seeing or pushing down what is revealed to you during this time.

On the other hand, amongst the difficulties that can often play out in our personal lives we get to experience a heightened connection to the subtle realms during this time

We are going to leverage this energy coming our way by connecting in sacred space and opening our hearts together within the unified field 

✨Receive codes of Light

✨Energy Healing 

✨Enhanced Connection within your Heart 

✨Increased sense of Peace & Harmony within your mind-body connection 

✨Cosmic Downloads for your Soul 

✨Feel Connected, Grounded & Supported 

Utilising this time for your mind-body to rest, receive and decompress as we journey together in this collective meditative experience.

Hope to see you there, sending you all so much love x

(an email with your zoom event link details will be sent out with 24hours of your registration)