Journey with me in this all new online membership to connect within a sacred space, joined by a compassionate community who are ready dive deep, connecting your mind, body and soul by exploring the depths of our awakened, open and grounded heart.

In 2022 we are stepping forward, journeying deeper and allowing our souls to lead the way

I've created this online community membership as a first step to call forward my fellow sisters of light, so we may be seen, held and anchored within a space that allows you to thrive, be nourished and connected.

Consciously directing our energy and tapping into a space of collective high frequency will amplify our own journey and connection to our soul origins.

Come take the journey with me!

• Women connecting in a sacred space

• Experience & receive light language as embodied feminine energy

• Plunging deep within the heart

•strengthen your intuition - the all FEELING body

• Gain new tools/practices to ground into your daily life

•Heart Chakra Immersion

• Connecting to the high frequency energy anchored within New Zealand

• Feel a sense of community and connection

• deepen your trust

• ground the whispers of your soul

• Traverse deep shadow work together

• Moving forward towards your dharma



Feminine Energy & Light Language

Light Language is a richly layered multi-dimensional form of communication that connects directly with your heart chakra through sound/expression. Like a mantra, it allows your mind/ego to release the inner dialogue and simply become present in your body and open to receive this non-linear higher frequency channel.

The Language of Light embodies a deeper resonance to our quantum nature allowing for greater connection, understanding and expansion through receiving/experiencing feminine energy in a sacred space.

Feminine energy (Yin) is the expansive and dynamic flow of energy irrespective of our gender. It is described as the mothering, nurturing, all encompassing container that holds all creative potential.

I refer to this energy as 'She'.

The feminine strength comes from her soul and knowing who she is. The feminine energy doesn’t fear to descend to her shadows. Far from it, she embraces facing her inner demons because she understands that she meets her inner power in places where most are unwilling to travel.

Unlike masculine energy, the feminine energy doesn’t need to apply actionable steps to manifestation. She embodies the frequency of that which she wishes to experience.

She is unrestricted by the social etiquettes around her because she doesn’t follow any rules other than guidance coming from her heart. Her moves therefore can’t always explained with the rational mind.

When you create from your feminine energy, you connect into your intuition and receive guidance from your higher self allowing you to step back in flow with life.


join the community

$22 NZD / monthly

• Flexible monthly fee that gives you access to all content

  • sacred space, to spend time with your soul
  • connecting you with other like-minded souls
  • Receive group activations/channelled messages each month from me
  • Be anchored and tuning into higher frequencies
  • Strengthen, ground and deepen your spiritual roots

• Cancel anytime by getting in touch via email

This membership is designed to....

•Connect with the flow of feminine energy

• open and expand your heart

•strengthen your intuition - the all FEELING body

• Be held/seen in a sacred space

•explore & expand the multidimensional nature of your being

• receive activations for your soul path

• Receive & release shifts within your heart centre to help with the balancing of your mind-body.

• Grounding into everyday life

• Daily tools for thriving

• Guidance

Once paid you will receive an email within 48hours with your access link

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