leading you on this sacred journey

Sandra Blakemore

Holistic Wellness Coach & Quantum Energy Healer, Sandra, brings clarity of mind and integration of shadow work to receive deeper levels of love, acceptance & forgiveness.

Heather Hubber

Qoya & Yoga Facilitator, Heather, brings intentional movement to access wisdom, creativity and sensuality. Allow the intelligence of your body to be expressed.

Alyssa Drake

Spiritual Guide & Quantum Channel, Lissy, journeys with your soul to receive high-frequency codes of light. Integrate quantum healing & deeper levels of embodiment.

Welcome Beautiful Soul

This is your personal blueprint to our Spiritual Retreat

held on the sacred grounds of Lauderdale, in the heart of Central Otago, Aotearoa.

Together, Sandra, Heather, & Lissy will embark on a day retreat with you,

weaving frequencies of divine feminine wisdom

deep into the heart of your mind, body, & soul.

This retreat calls to all light workers, healers, coaches,

& women on their own awakening path

who feel the pull to journey with us.

We invite you to unlock, release, & receive

cosmic frequencies of embodiment

through a pathway that has been channeled

to anchor in all pillars of your being.

This retreat is unique as we call in the

Sacred Earth Energy & Spirit Guides

that are assisting us with

New Earth Consciousness.


The grounds of Lauderdale are the perfect place for a Spiritual Retreat.

Lauderdale is a stunning spot nestled in the Central Otago hills.

It boasts beautiful, established gardens, tranquil spaces & stunning one hundred year old redwoods.

Ideal for reconnecting with yourself & the Earth’s energy.

Retreat Details


Saturday, 22nd October 2022

10am - 5pm




payment plan available

**Nourishing lunch provided

**Transport to/from retreat from Omakau

** Crystal tuned & individually coded with light language to take home


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We can't wait to spend the day with you.

Heather, Sandra & Lissy x