I've always been a dreamer. When I was young I would often look out to the tallest tussock-clad hills or gaze up to the stars to breathe in the beauty of life that surrounded me. 

It was in these still moments that I started to follow my soul. This in turn, became my life compass and is how I found myself immersed in the incredible stories of the heart.

Together with my partner in life, Sam, and our two darlings, Jack (11) and Marli (5) all have taught me so much about the boundless beauty of unconditional love and to not take life so seriously.

What amazes me most about life, is the beauty in which it unfolds regardless of how you ‘thought’ it would. My story began a long time ago, where the whispers of my soul called within.

Since that time, I’ve experienced the joys of childbirth to two darling beauties who fill my heart with so much love everyday, the sorrow of multiple miscarriages and the darkness of a complete breakdown in my early twenties after my core values were exploited. I’ve had multiple surgeries including two spinal, I’ve suffered a blood clot in my spine causing many physical obstacles to overcome, I’ve battled chronic illness and pulled myself back from rock bottom many times - including most recently loosing my sister to breast cancer in 2017. It’s certainly been an interesting journey so far and what I’ve learned through all that I’ve experienced is that everything I have been through is what has led me to where I am today, the person I am becoming and the empathy I have for wanting to make a difference in the lives of others.

My journey into the path of healing has been one that has evolved since my early twenties where I studied and graduated a double Diploma in Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy in Christchurch at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, from there I worked for several years at QEII Massage Clinic focusing mostly on sports athletes. We then moved to Melbourne, Australia to expand our life experiences and it was there that I studied to receive the Australian Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, moving back home to NZ I shifted into my love of photography and fell completely head over heals for Wedding Photography, the way in which I could creatively express my vision openly without answering to someone higher than me was liberating and I quickly found myself absorbed in capturing the unique form of story telling through imagery. I felt a connection between seeing the energy and essence of couples in love and how their souls connect that I could share in the way I captured their photos.

I created a local Wedding Fair with my dear friend and the same week in 2017 it was to launch I lost both my Sister and Grandmother-in-law, two losses that were so powerful they also reflect the passing of who I once was and the journey back to my inner wisdom since they’ve been gone. Less than 6 months after losing two incredible souls in my life, my body experienced a complete shutdown after another back injury, this was to be the beginning of one of the hardest periods I’ve ever experienced in my life, I went almost a year in a state on immense torture experiencing a migraine that was so horrific and relentless that I remember turning to Sam at one point and telling him I couldn’t carry on. I literally wanted to die. Medically, the doctors couldn’t explain why I was experiencing pain at this level, nor could they link it to my injury, so, began the path of what has brought me here today.

I decided to become my own light, to find my own answers and be my own advocate to reclaiming my health and wellbeing. What unfolded was a path of discovery and healing to everyone and everything I needed, connecting back to the intuitive wisdom within and really opening up to the lost part of who we are at soul level.

I’ve created this space of intuition for every female who has felt a sense of disconnect from within, who feels a higher call to life than the habitual routines we’ve created in our every day lives, the whisper that calls home your soul and the knowingness that in a time where so much is out of balance their has never been a greater time to reclaim our balance, our feminine essence, our voice, our purpose, our soul path, our power.

This is a call to all woman who feel that inner wisdom, guidance and love.

She. The Healer. The Creative. The Intuitive. The Wisdom. The Alchemist. The Light. The Mother. The Witch. The Empath. The Inner Child. The Free Spirit. The Soul.

Lissy x

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive
than to honour your calling. It's is why you were born
and how you become most truly alive.”