Welcome to the 2024

Cosmic Heart Retreat


2nd November 2024

The Cosmic Heart is Found Within Each & Every One of Us.

It Expands Out into Every Direction of Our Life

Teaching Us, Guiding Us, Leading Us Back into the

Wisdom of our Light.

Meet your Guides...

The Kaleidoscope of Union between Our Masculine & Feminine Energies

Are Forever Dancing Together in the Rise and Fall of our Experiences.

The Reflection of Who We Are in this Lifetime is an

Ever Changing, Ever Evolving Rose.

Each Season Blooming with Renewed Hope, Wisdom and Creative Life Force,

Only to fall again and again back into the Darkness of Winter,

To be Stripped Down, Petal by Petal,

Surrendering, Trusting in the Cycles that will Birth New Life in the Spring.

Come Journey Within...

As we step into the Cosmic Heart Within,

We Balance Receiving with Action

We Honour the Darkness within our Pillar of Light

We Embrace the Stories of our Experience & use them to Embody

Greater Levels of Potentiality and Vitality Within all Aspects of our Life.


Saturday, 2nd November 2024

The Grounds of Lauderdale is a short 25 minute drive from Alexandra

A Sacred & Stunning Location

Nestled in the Heart of Central Otago, Aotearoa

It Boasts Beautiful, Established Gardens, Tranquil Spaces & One Hundred Year Old Redwoods

Ideal for Reconnecting with Yourself & the Earth’s Energy

This is a Nourishing, Guided & Fully Immersive Retreat


Lightworkers, Change-makers, Dreamers 

anyone wanting to step into their 




No matter where you are on your path 

This Retreat is for you

To Step into the Power of your 


Receive Healing Activations



Your Cosmic Heart

1 / 12

1 / 12


‘‘Lissy, Sandra and Heather work together as a powerhouse of divine feminine energy to draw up your own ability and power to heal yourself through dance, shadow work and light language.

1 / 12


‘‘Growth comes at different rates throughout your life and this retreat has put my growth into overdrive….. there is no desire for a destination anymore as I’m now enjoying the journey more than I ever thought was possible.’’

1 / 12


‘‘I would recommend their workshops and retreats to anyone starting their selfcare journey and those who have been on this path for a while because it is a continually changing journey and you don't need to have any prior knowledge in this area because they will cater to your needs and lovingly hold space and guide you through anything that comes up.

1 / 12


The support I am receiving from these three goddesses has continued after the retreat and I feel each encounter I have with them is like receiving another piece of the puzzle to me and the universe!!

1 / 12


I’m truly grateful to have done this retreat and can’t wait for the next.

1 / 12


‘‘The continual reflection and healing even to this day is amazing. I highly recommend the retreats and look forward to what’s next! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

1 / 12


‘‘I left feeling like I had nurtured my soul and had a full cup that I was ready to share with those I love.

1 / 12


‘‘The meditations were seriously intense, mindblowing.

It was such a lovely day.  A privilege for me to see all the behind the scenes work which goes into preparing for each individual.  What actually happens during the day is really only the final chapter. 

1 / 12


‘‘The world needs as much of your healing abilities as we can get!

1 / 12


‘‘I felt the call early to join the cosmic heart retreat however it took me quite some time to commit. Doing so and arriving was an amazing and overwhelming experience for me. The unknown was scary but the wrap around support was obvious.

1 / 12


‘‘Just being around their energy will make you feel happy and calm.

1 / 12


‘‘Having never done anything like this before I was initially apprehensive about how the day might pan out for me, but it was beautifully led and it flowed seamlessly from beginning to end. 

I got some great insights and felt the whole day was a really positive life experience for me. Since the retreat I am a lot calmer in myself, more centred and I feel less apprehensive about my unfolding path. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone.

During this


We will guide you to 


In the 


you are being shown

We will help you to


Unconscious Patterns


Outdated Belief Systems 


That no longer serve you 


To Embody

More of your Light

So that you may continue to 

Step Fully

Into the Life you are Here To Live

Cosmic Heart Retreat

Early Bird Offer: $999 now live

Cosmic Heart Retreat: $1199

• Full Day Body & Soul Immersion

• Ignite your Creative Life-Force with Breath, Yoga, Movement

• Energy Healing

• Soul Journey

• Coded & Energy Infused Crystal

• Diary for Journalling

• Cacao Ceremony

• Nourishing High Vibrational Lunch & Snacks

Early Bird Closes Sept 1st. Book your spot before then and Save $200 off the Full Retreat Price.


Saturday 2nd Nov.



Central Otago


9.30am - 6pm

If you're as excited as we are... Let's Unlock this Magic Together!


Saturday, 2nd November 2024

9.30 AM - 6.00 PM

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