Connecting into the higher frequency of feminine energy embracing us all is embedded in the heart of my soul mission and is the very foundation of my spiritual practice in which I called 'Wisdom of She'. It embraces balancing the three pillars of our mind, body and soul by reconnecting with the wisdom of Divine Feminine Energy 'She' supporting us in our heart awakenings.

Guiding you to trust and access your own intuition by opening your heart, coming out of your mind and down into the all-feeling body. Reconnect with the wisdom of FEELING the subtle realms of energy, healing/understanding blocks within our energetic body by beginning the path of balancing the three pillars of our mind, body and soul by taking the journey within.

Understanding our past and what these triggers can symbolise and feeling into the conditioning/addictions/beliefs/experiences and learned behaviours within our physical body and subconscious mind that can make us feel stuck, powerless and lost.

By tuning into the stream of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom that is divine feminine energy that unties us all, that flows through us all, that breathes us all. I am able to connect with and channel this higher frequency and subtle realm of energy for your own inner healing, intuitive guidance, energy clearing, and clarity on your soul's unique path.

I have been guided to create this sacred space for all those who are also on their own unique soul path, for support, guidance and healing as you shift through the many layers of reconnecting fully with your soul/spiritual/divine self and grounding it back into everyday life.


Lissy comes from a clinical background with over three years of training to gain a Double Diploma in both New Zealand & Australia as an RMT (Remedial Massage Therapist), and a New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy.

Lissy's intuitive offerings connect deeply to the heart of who you are, grounded in her work is the three pillars of your mind, body, and soul with a special focus on integrating our energetic body and soul consciously back into everyday life so we may thrive in all that we do.

Designed to hold a sacred space for you, allowing the feminine energy and frequency of love to open, heal and realign your mind, body, and soul.


Communing with your soul through my healing sessions can be incredibly life-changing, in which you may feel seen, fully, sometimes for the first time, for the radiant spark of light you are and the inner wisdom you've kept hidden within this lifetime.

To step back in flow with your higher purpose can also be overwhelming and scary at first as you forge new paths in alignment with your authentic self by realigning and healing your Mind, Body, and Soul. I want you to know, you're not alone and trusting in your inner wisdom is the greatest gift one could awaken to in their lifetime.

Navigating these waters is a journey of deep courage and strength, where you come face to face with your fears, negative life/emotional blocks, karmic bonds and learning to understand the many colours of your soul.

If you've ever felt this call, this echo deep within, this knowing you can't explain but feel within the depths of your heart then my sessions have been designed just for you. Born out of my own journey to discover, come home too, balance, explore, accept and heal the three pillars of my own MIND, BODY and SOUL .

This is your call, to be the light you came here to be.

I am here to help nurture your own inner wisdom, to fully embody all that you are.

My work has been designed for all those who are wanting to reconnect with their soul path, their inner wisdom, intuition, power, voice, love, strength, freedom, light.

If this calls to you, no matter where on your own path it meets you - I'm here to help you grow.
Arohanui, Lissy x

What should I expect during my session?

Your unique session link will be sent via email once booking is complete. Please make sure where possible, you have headphones with speakers as this allows for a better experience. Having a quiet, uninterrupted space available for your session is desirable. Make sure the room temperature allows you to relax. Feel free to meet the session with your favourite herbal tea.

Come with an open heart, ready to embark on your own journey of reconnection through this personalised intuitive guidance and channeled energy healing session.

Complete Booking form online. All details for location/date/time will be confirmed by either phone, text, or email with you prior to the session.

It's normal to experience a vast spectrum of emotions in your session, deep meditation, sleep, reconnection to your spirit guides, activation to your clair-senses, physical releases in your body, heat, tingling/goosbumps/pins and needles, subtle releases within your subconscious, headaches, tiredness, spaced out, deep sense of peace and reconnection, heart awakening, intuitive reconnection, feeling of being held.

There is no right or wrong way to experience your session, as it is tailored specifically for you, what I have listed above is simply some open guidance on what you may experience but is in no way limiting what your unique experience will be, but more of a road map into the expansive nature of working with feminine energy and simply being open to allowing whatever needs to come through for you, to simply be.

Do you see clients outside New Zealand?

Absolutely, my sessions have been thoughtfully designed so distance is no barrier. Virtual Sessions are via a secure video portal.
- Wisdom of She - Soul Healing

WHAT CURRENCY is your pricelist?

I am from New Zealand and all prices listed are in NZD


Payment for all paid sessions is due prior to the appointment. A link will be emailed to you upon booking confirmation. I use Stripe as my preferred online payment method for my international clients - online banking is available for all New Zealand clients.

What's your timezone?

New Zealand Time Zone NZST - please let me know if your timezone is different so I can sync your booking with a time that works for us both where possible.


I think we live in a pretty sacred place here in Aotearoa, looking after our land is at the heart of my values. No matter how small our actions may seem, taking steps towards giving back to our environment is moving closer to better looking after this incredible world we live in.

When you book your Wisdom of She Body/Soul session with me a native tree will be planted.


With Love

“WOW, WOW, WOW, thanks so much Lissy for the indepth 30min Akaskic Record Reading.
You were so SPOT ON, with my personality, my present issues, my gifts and what I am needing for healing, and to move through my current obstacles.

Your words gave me confirmation, to trust in myself, but also know where to redirect my focus, take pressure/confusion off other distracting ideas, and know where, and what action steps I can start making.”