Light Language speaks directly with your heart and higher heart chakra, opening you to the flow of feminine energy by connecting into the frequency of love.



Light Language is a richly layered multi-dimensional form of communication that connects directly with your energetic field through sound/written/signed expression. It bypasses your linear mind/ego and directly connects and communicates with your heart and thus soul.

The Language of Light embodies a deeper resonance to our quantum nature allowing for greater connection, understanding, and expansion through receiving this non-linear flow of feminine energy to support us in our spiritual awakening and grounding it back into everyday life in a way that speaks directly to our soul.

The energy codes you receive are always initiated by your light body, triggering the vibrational response you are ready for in that moment.

Light Language interacts with your energetic field to receive, understand and utilise the quantum information and therefore can effect a change response within your subconscious for the benefit of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

As we seek to understand,

To open our hearts more fully

we must first go within.

To reconnect to the thread of life that breathes us all,

Light Language is an energetic bridge that is allowing us to traverse this expansive subtle world that we have previously been separated from.

Connecting us back to the frequency of love by balancing, attuning, and expanding our energy body in a gentle, guided way so that we can FEEL the truth within our own pillars of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body through direct experience and by integrating, and starting the journey of healing that which is causing dis-ease and separation from within and without.

Welcome to the Age of Light.


•Connecting with the flow of feminine energy

• Seeking to understand your dharma/soul purpose

• opening and expanding your heart

• healing and releasing trauma/pain from our mind-body

•strengthening your intuition - the all FEELING body

•explore & expand the multidimensional nature of your being

• receive activations for your ascension path

• Guidance

• Connect with your spirit guides

• Receive & release, shifts within your energy body to help with the balancing of your mind-body.

• working with & understanding your prana/ life force energy to allow greater flow in everyday life

• Activation of soul purpose

• Grounding your soul purpose back into everyday life

• Daily tools for thriving

“That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our life as fate”